How to Verify if Android Smartphone is Rooted or Not?

Let’s assume you’ve successfully installed framaroot apk on your android device. Some users feel confused whether they followed the procedure correctly or not. Here we have a solution for it. You can verify whether you’ve rooted properly or not. Let’s get started.

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Verify Whether Your Android Phone is Rooted or Not

  • It’s a simple process, all you got to do is download an app called Root Checker – By Joey Krim
  • Download it from the PlayStore and install the app.
  • Now, Open the Root Checker App, and you will see an option “Verify Root” tap on it.
  • If Super SU application is installed and working properly, then you would get a prompt either to accept or reject the root access request by Root Checker app. Accepting it will allow the app to check whether your device is rooted properly or not.
  • Wait for few seconds, and it will confirm whether your phone is rooted or not.
  • If it’s successfully rooted, you will see the below screenshot.

So, That’s it, guys. I hope you guys have successfully rooted your device. This Root Checker app is the easiest way to check if your android phone is rooted properly or not. If you’re getting no root access, then kindly reboot your device and run the Root Checker app again and allow access to root if you get any prompt from SuperSU. If you still get, no root access then download framaroot apk and reinstall the app. And redo the root process.

Read: Why should you use Framaroot app?


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