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If you are into world of Android then Freedom app will prove to be of great help for you. With the help of this app Android users can buy any game’s cars and coins that are not available for on Google play store. But it is with this Download Freedom Apk no root you can have them for free of cost. So, if you are a gaming freak and android user at the same time, then you must go for it, and the best part is it’s free for all. Freedom  offers you with multiple features that will serve you well for your android gaming purpose. With this app you can purchase paid games for absolutely free, and also make any in-app purchase of applications for free of cost as well. In recent days people are more prone to premium features in any game or app, but since not all possess the accessibility of international credit card, they fail to purchase, and enjoy the benefit. To make any purchase of paid stuff from play store you go to have a Google Wallet account, only then you can do any kind of purchase. For creating Google Wallet account you need to bear an international credit to create the account. But it’s seen many users don’t have international credit cards or CC, hence do not have Google Wallet account.

This is not an issue anymore as now; Freedom lets you unlock all the premium based features of popular games at zero cost. This is for sure more or less a hacking tool that bypasses the steps of credit checking of Google Play and establishes a fake credit card for all the premium purchases. The fake credit card that it creates has no real credit on it but the app convinces the Google Play that actual money was paid for the purpose. Since the app is not legal it can’t be found in the Google Play Store. But not to worry you can use without any risk as thousands of users are using it. So, if you are interested in having this app apk, go through the download steps below for downloading.

Download And Installation Details of Freedom Apk For Android


The download procedure and installation steps below will tell you how you can have this app. Go through it to know the details.


  1.  At first, you need to download the latest version of Freedom, which is “Freedom.
  2. You can get this from the given link “Click here to download”.freedom apk download
  3. Once the download process gets done, open the download folder on your device to locate the downloaded Freedom Apk raw file. Now, click on the “apk. File” of the app and run it for installation.
  4. After installing when you open it, you will receive a message asking permission for superuser/root. Now tap on “grant/allow”.13575483_493794924143251_981280493_o-576x1024
  5. Now on the main page of this app it will show you all the installed applications on your device.
  6. From the list you can now select whichever in-app purchase you want to make, Run that app from here to get it for free. While you make a purchase, Google Play should be showing you “Free Card”. This holds as the name of your free credit card.
  7. After all these, now go to app level or coin sections and click on the buy button of any app for testing. Once you see that the Freedom Apk is enabling you to purchase without any money payment means it’s working. Now make as many purchases as you wish. That is it. You can see you just have to follow simple steps in order to download and install this app. It’s quick and easy.

Minimum Requirement Of  To Install Freedom App:-

Before you download the app you need to know what OS and RAM requires to install this time. I will suggest to go through this paragraph.
You phone need to have at least this software and hardware requirement-

I. Android OS should be greater then 2.3 (GingerBread)

II. Rooted Android Phone


IV. 100 MB Fee Internal memory

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Some Features of Freedom Apk:

Below are the amazing features that this app has in store for you.

  •  It makes your world of paid games absolutely free at no cost at all. You can buy any premium featured apps and games for absolutely free.
  •  You can make upgrade of any in-game for free that requires credit payment.
  •  Now you can any extra features, coins, weapons, tools for zero cost and enhance your usage experience.
  •  Get the utmost benefit of your favourite games and enjoy to the fullest.
  • Amazing part is Freedom is a free app as well.

Video Tutorial Explaining How To Use Freedom APP:-

Best Alternative Of Freedom:-

Above guide we have written to download and install process still if you encounter any issue or error due to any hardware or software problem on your phone you might give a try to the below listed. They work same like this app.

Lucky Patcher
Leo Play Card

Wrapping It Up :-
Hope after going through this content and reading about all the stuff, sure you are eager to have “downloaded freedom apk app” on your device in no time. Go download and install it today and open doors to all those apps and games that were holding you back due to payment issue. You are free to enjoy it now.It truly gives freedom to all the android users. Thank you for reading the post.Have a good day.

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